Quarantine Cooking

How One Chef Serves Local Community During the COVID 19 pandemic, local restaurants and businesses have taken a financial hit. Beth Broussard, owner and head Chef of J. Broussard’s Restaurant in Columbus, Miss. is one of those affected. β€œIt’s a struggle this last week. The first three weeks were really strong in terms of sales, […]

COVID-19 Blog #5 – I Can’t Believe People Actually Started Ingesting Disinfectant to Prevent the Coronavirus

It’s been a bit of a struggle to finish this semester out strong, which I’m sure many people can relate to. The accommodations made by the university definitely help to assuage my concerns, but I feel that if there was one specific thing about life in quarantine that should be emphasized is how being stuck […]

COVID Blog #5

Jake Davis After much procrastination and several failed attempts at other projects I finally recorded some basketball content. My brother and I initially wanted to create YouTube videos that focused on the NBA 2K videogame and incorporated analysis of the real game, player’s strengths and weaknesses, etc. We did not know what exactly we wanted […]