Week #5

With finals quickly approaching, I’m sure everyone is a little stressed. It feels so weird that even though we’re all taking online finals, we don’t even have to go the JAC testing center. Most of my finals are papers and thankfully I’ve been steadily working on them. It’s strange to think that come May 9th, […]

What day is it?

I’ve officially been home for six (going on seven) weeks now. I’m honestly unsure if the time has gone by fast or slow.  This past week was my heaviest load of schoolwork yet during quarantine, which took up a lot of my time. Luckily, the assignments weren’t terrible. One paper I wrote was about Alfred […]

Week #3

I would say that this week was better than last for me. Hangout Music Festival was obviously cancelled due to coronavirus. I was looking forward to it, but my sister was really looking forward to it. We’re both about to go our own ways, her starting at Auburn in the fall and TBD for me. […]