Akim Powell May 1, 2020 Cov-19 Affecting African American Women Beauty Regimen Every two weeks, she would drive two hours to get her eyelashes and eyebrows in Jackson. Now, she’s teaching herself how to do her eyelashes and eyebrows by watching Youtube videos due to the outbreak of COV-19.   Reagan Kelly, Ole Miss graduate student […]

The New Normal ~

Wow, so I’ll be done with school in a week. It’s bittersweet. My family plans on throwing me a graduation party and I’m really excited because this is something that I’ve waited so long to do. It’s crazy to think that I started this process 4 years ago. It was a struggle. I remember having […]

~ I’m blessed

While we are in a pandemic, I AM VERY BLESSED. like hello??? I’ve made it this far. Because I was honestly very worried. I would find myself freaking out if I developed a cough. Or if someone around me got sick, my first thought was that they had COV-19. Now, I’m doing better. I recently […]