Two Peas in a Podcast

Being a senior in college I never thought the last time I would walk on campus would be right before spring break. I left my final class Thursday expecting to be back to the basics in a week. My roommate and I hosted a show two days a week on Rebel Radio. It was unfortunate when we got the news that school was closed for the remainder of the semester.

My senior year cut short. Everything just came to a halt. Almost everything. For some companies, Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise. Apps like Tik Tok that have been around for years are now being widely used by many people. With nothing else to do but sit in side the house, people all over have been joining the Tiki’s Tok train.

Tik Tok is a place where food lovers, gym rats, and dancing queens can learn and share their own videos. Chelsea and I share our thoughts about going through this crazy time and what we think about Tik Tok.

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